I've been a visual effects artist since 2000, mostly in advertising. First as a Flame/Inferno artist, then more of a Flame/Smoke guy as the software evolved.
While based in Montreal, I became a freelancer and ended up working in Singapore, Dubai and Istanbul later on.

I added Nuke to my toolset about the same time as the vfx business expanded in Montreal,
so now I'm just one of many compositors on feature films or TV series.

I keep busy in my free time, editing, grading, or consulting friends' side projects or dabbling with my photography.
Though I must say it's been a while... family is keeping me busy enough as it is.

Also, my demo reel is always out of date...

Since some people ask, here you go... places I've been to:



And if you like random stuff, there's always plenty of that on my not-so-safe-for-work gif dump tumblr.